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Corvus Bakeshop is a home-based bakery licensed under the Minnesota Cottage Food Industry Law. The products are homemade, and thus not subject to state inspection. All sales are made directly to the customer, via delivery or pickup from my home. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how this works! As a certified food safety manager, I am well versed in food safety and sanitation procedures and try to maintain the highest possible standard in cleanliness, including allergen cross-contamination awareness.


If you have a food sensitivity or preference, please let me know at the time of the order and I will let you know if I can accommodate it. This being said, there is always a possibility of potential allergens coming in contact with any item that is produced in my kitchen, so if you have a serious allergy, I can recommend you to other bakeries or items that may be certified allergen-free. 

You may be wondering, why “Corvus”? It is a reference to one of my favorite birds, Corvus corax, the Common Raven. When thinking of a mascot or logo for this business, the Raven was a natural choice. I’ve always loved the raven for its intelligence, beauty, curiosity, and mischievousness. In many traditions, the raven is also a symbol of transformation, insight, and renewal. As I embark on this entrepreneurial journey, it seems fitting to have such a powerful symbol along with me.

Thank you so much for your interest in Corvus Bakeshop! I look forward to baking for you very soon!

about the baker

Hi! I'm Laura. I've been baking in the St. Cloud, MN area at numerous beloved food establishments for nearly a decade. In a nutshell, I love food. I love to bake, cook, eat, and learn about food and food systems. I am so excited to be starting my own business venture to bring high-quality, delicious, feel-good sweets to this community.

Food brings us all together, and I want to help you celebrate your special (or everyday) occasions with sweets and treats made with ingredients you can feel good about. I strongly believe in supporting sustainable agriculture and local businesses, so I try to source as many high-quality ingredients as possible for use in my bakeshop items. 


Corvus Bakeshop goodies are made with whole-food, natural, organic, or local ingredients when possible and can be customized to suit your specific tastes and lifestyle! Egg-, dairy-, and nut-free options are available upon request for most items (note: produced in a kitchen where these items are in use--see above for more information). I can also offer most of my cake and cupcake flavors in gluten-free-friendly options for folks with gluten sensitivities (again, products are made in a kitchen where wheat and gluten are present). 


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